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2016 Tentative Schedule

Sunday, July 17
1:00-Truck & ATV Mud Run-S. of Grandstand
1:00-2:30-Bucket of Junk Entry
3:00-5:00-Open Class Exhibit Entry
3:30-Pork Chop Revue
4:00-4-H & FFA Dog Obedience Show*
5:00-Pork Chop Revue
6:00-Garden Tractor Pull-Grandstand
      4-H Style Revue
      4-H Sr. Recognition

Monday, July 18
7:30 Livestock check-in/weigh-in
9:00-12:00-Open Class Exhibit Entry
12:30-4-H & FFA Livestock Judging Contest
1:00 - Open Class Exhibit Judging
2:30-7:00-C6 BioFarm
3:30-4-H & FFA Goat Show**
   Clover Kids Goat Show to follow
3:30-Pork Chop Revue
4:00-Pie Eating Contest^
4:00-7:00-Little Hands on the Farm~
4:30-Clover Kids Lego Build Off^
5:00-Pork Chop Revue
5:00-Decorated Cake Judging
5:00-Flower Arrangement Judging
5:30-Clover Kids “Great Gardeners Fest”^
6:00-4-H & FFA Dog Agility Show*
6:00-Washington County Pee-Wee Cutie Contest^
6:30-Antique Tractor Display
6:30-Pork Chop Revue

Tuesday, July 19
8:00-4-H & FFA Sheep Show*
Clover Kids Sheep Show to follow
8:30-4-H & FFA Horse & Pony Show
9:00-4-H & FFA Rabbit Show
10:00-2:00-Barnyard Billy-strolling show
10:30-Juggler with Yellow Shoes
11:00-1:00-Lego Land Building Station^^
12:30-Juggler with Yellow Shoes
1:30-4-H & FFA Pet Show**
1:30-Weird Science Comedy Show^
2:30-Clover Kids Pet Show**
2:30-Juggler with Yellow Shoes
2:00-4-H & FFA Dairy Cattle Show*
3:30-Rondini Magic Show^
4:00-4-H & FFA Breeding Beef Show*
4:00-7:00-Little Hands on the Farm~
4:00-7:00-4-H Shooting Sports Archery Booth-Southeast of Grandstand
4:00-6:00-American Red Cross Blood Drive
4:00-Pork Chop Revue
4:30-Oreo Stacking Contest^
5:00-4-H Working Exhibits-basement
5:30-Frog Jumping Contest^
5:30-4-H & FFA Poultry Skill-a-thon
6:00-Pork Chop Revue
6:30-Clover Kids Style Revue^
7:00-Rondini Magic Show^
7:30-GRAND RIVER RODEO-Grandstand

Wednesday, July 20
Clydesdale Horses on display all day
8:00-4-H & FFA Swine Show*
9:00-Reptile Zoo opens
9:30-Kid’s Day Activities^
10:00-Pork Chop Revue
10:00-1:00-Little Hands on the Farm~
11:00-Rondini Magic Show^
11:00-1:00-Lego Land Building Station^^
12:00-Kid’s Zone Tickets & Money Scramble^
12:30-Juggler with Yellow Shoes
1:00-4:00-Face Painting-sponsored by Wash. State Bank
1:30-Weird Science Comedy Show^
2:30-Bubble Gum Contest^
3:00-Share-the-Fun-Comm. Center
3:30-Children’s Pedal Pull Contest^^
3:30-Juggler with Yellow Shoes
3:30-4-H & FFA Bucket Bottle Calf Show*
4:00 p.m.-Clover Kids Rabbit Mentoring-show at 4:30
4:00-7:00-Little Hands on the Farm~
4:30-Pork Chop Revue
5:00-Rondini Magic Show^
5:30-Bake your Best Cookie Contest
6:30-Clover Kids Graduation^
6:30-STATE FAIR TALENT SEARCH-Community Center
6:45-Clydesdale Horses Parade
7:00-Pork Chop Revue

Thursday, July 21
8:00-4-H & FFA Market Beef Show & recognition carcass cattle (on hoof)*
11:00-1:00-Lego Land Building Station^^
12:00-Juggler with Yellow Shoes
12:00-Reptile Zoo opens
1:00-5:00-Barnyard Billy-strolling show
1:30-Juggler with Yellow Shoes
3:00-Free Watermelon Feed-Sponsored by Wash. Co. Farm Bureau^^
3:00-Pork Chop Revue
4:00-7:00-Little Hands on the Farm~
4:00-7:00-4-H Shooting Sports Archery Booth-Southeast of Grandstand
4:30-Nail Driving Contest
4:30-Pride of Iowa-basement
5:00-Juggler with Yellow Shoes
6:00-Presentation of Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame, State Fair & Special Awards^
6:30-Auction of “Bucket of Junk” Contest Art^
7:00-Pork Chop Revue
7:00-MOTO CROSS-Grandstand

Friday, July 22
9:00-Livestock Auction*
9:00-BBQ Cook-off Check-in
1:30-4-H & FFA Tug-A-War*
2:00-Ag. Olympics*
4:00-Horseshoe Pitching Tournament-Open Doubles **
4:30-Mother/Daughter Look-A-Like Contest^
5:30-Tasting & Judging BBQ Cook-off Contest
5:30-Kid’s Demo Derby
7:00-DEMOLITION DERBY-Grandstand

***4-H &FFA Livestock & Non-Livestock Exhibits will not be on dis-play on Friday. ***
Location Key: ^Lions Stage (S. of Schoolhouse) ^^4-H Hall *Show ring 1 **Show ring 2 ~Round Barn